Unsupported plugin

The Annotator only supports browsers that have the window.getSelection() method (for a table of support please see this Quirksmode article). This plugin provides a notification to users of these unsupported browsers letting them know that the plugin has not loaded.


Adding the unsupported plugin to the annotator is very simple. Simply add the annotator to the page using the .annotator() jQuery plugin. Then call the .addPlugin() method eg. .annotator('addPlugin', 'Unsupported').

var content = $('#content').annotator();
content.annotator('addPlugin', 'Unsupported');


You can provide options

  • message: A customised message that you wish to display to users.


The message that you wish to display to users.

var annotator = $('#content').annotator().data('annotator');

annotator.addPlugin('Unsupported', {
  message: "We're sorry the Annotator is not supported by this browser"